• Are you worried about online sexual abuse or the way someone has been communicating with you online?

    Make a report to one of CEOP's Child Protection Advisors


    If you're worried about online abuse or the way someone has been communicating online, let CEOP know.


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    Online abuse affects many children and young people every day, CEOP has helped thousands of people in need of support.

    Make a report

    If you have been a victim of sexual online abuse or you're worried this is happening to someone you know, let us know safely and securely



    If you are being bullied, or you are not ready to make a report to CEOP, you can talk to Childline anonymously online or on the phone - No worry is too big or too small.

    Visit Childline


    Use the links below to find a range of information about keeping yourself or a child you know safe from child sexual exploitation

    • 5-7 year olds
    • 8-10 year olds
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    • Young people aged 14+
    • Parents/carers
    • Professionals
    • Police Reporting
    • Private Sector Reporting
    • Information for Private Sector organisations
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